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    Photo by Edwin Locke Photography
    Photo by Edwin Locke Photography
    Curious Oddities || Handmade jewelry for the Modern Romantic

    Welcome Curious Kind, I'm Kat, and I'm all about sharing personal magic, authenticity and story through jewelry.

    My absolute passion is treasure hunting. Blame it on my early years, a Sierra Nevada, log-cabin-in-the-woods childhood, rich with artifacts of natural and human history: exploring abandoned mines and ghost towns along the gold rush trails.

    These days, when I'm not in my studio, I'm on the road, camping and hitting up antique markets and fleas all over the US and Canada.

    I gather special cuts of gorgeous natural stone, new brass and vintage-antique components to craft pieces for you to proudly wear and give.

    Stylish details to help express the authentic and magical you.

    Currently I have my studio in Kentville, Nova Scotia where I feel ever so lucky to be able to spend my days with myย  cats creating, curating, and sharing the things that I love with the rest of the world.

    xo Kat
    The cottage where I was born on the "Lucky 13 Ranch"
    My dad's workshop and the house I was born in on the "Lucky 13 Ranch" California