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    Photo by Edwin Locke Photography
    Photo by Edwin Locke Photography
    Born in a century-old log cabin in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, surrounded by a community rich with artifacts of the early pioneers and settlers, I grew up with the heart of a dreamer, the spirit of an explorer and a rather wild and untameable imagination.
    Since childhood, I've had a deep love for nature, botany and horticulture: helping my parents raise and harvest vegetables for our meals, cultivating my own wildflower gardens, and on to greenhouse tending, landscape gardening and into a career in floral design.
    The cottage where I was born on the "Lucky 13 Ranch"
    Well over 10 years of the hustle, bustle and creative whirl of the floral industry was coming to a slow down for me, the retirement of the main designer that I was working with was imminent.I had been a part of some pretty spectacular productions, floral splendor well worth writing home about, and I was feeling ready to move into something new.
    In February 2008 I opened my Curious Oddities shop on Etsy, selling vintage finds, handmade cards and jewelry, shipping all over the world. In my youth, my father was a scrimshaw artist and glass sandblaster/ engraver so I had grown up with full access to his studio, making many pieces of my own and becoming comfortable with all sorts of tools and mediums.
    Not long after opening my Etsy shop, the floral designer that I was working for retired. I took on 3 shifts a week at a floral studio and began focusing more seriously on Curious Oddities, selling at small shows around town and listing on line. Business grew, shows were successful and by 20I0 I had begun selling through a few shops in town as well as through more and larger shows. My floral job ended and I began working a regular few days a week at a leather shop.

    About a year later I took that terrifying last step and I have been focusing on Curious Oddities full time ever since, though I do still indulge in a little floral design work here and there- just can't resist the flowers!

    It's a grand adventure, absolutely full of challenges and I'm always changing and growing as the business changes and grows

    Currently I have my studio in Dundas, Ontario where I feel ever so lucky to be able to spend my days with my 3 cats creating, curating, and sharing the things that I love with the rest of the world.
    xo Kat

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